A Grateful Father on Our Sever’s Disease Treatment

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Here’s an email we received this week from a dad who’s son has been suffering from Sever’s Disease. I think this speaks for itself.
Dr Eldridge,

Thank you!
My 10-year-old son plays many sports and has complained for some 18 months about heel pain and we (his mother and I) have tried it all, soft heel cups, hard heel cups, rest and stretches.  Nothing worked until we found your video 16 days ago.

I’ve carefully followed your video instructions with superb results.  Here’s some feedback:

  1. You’re right, St. Ives works very well;
  2. Because I don’t have Guasha tools, I’ve been using my knuckle;
  3. I do both calves, each taking about 5 to 6 minutes per calf;
  4. We use your technique twice a day, before school and after dinner, while he does his reading homework;
  5. We bought several pairs of SuperFeet (black) for all his school and athletic shoes;
  6. Most importantly, unlike the other methods, he enjoys this treatment–a lot.  Because it’s something that feels good, he asks for the massage and it apparently makes his homework seem easier (spoonful of sugar/medicine).

Bottom line: We started on Sunday, 14 April 2013 (16 days ago) and today is the first day in many months that he’s pain-free.  He has PE everyday at school, plus soccer/basketball during two recesses.   Before today, he’d come home limping, sometimes in tears.

Thank you, Doctor.  Keep up the good work.

Robert Keller (a grateful father)
Newport Beach, CA

If you or your young athlete is suffering from Sever’s disease, send us a message at doc@gymnastcare.com and we’ll send you our treatment protocol to help you get better as quickly as possible.

Here’s the video Robert was referring to:


Dr. Joshua Eldridge

About Dr. Joshua Eldridge

Dr. Joshua Eldridge has specialized in protecting gymnasts from injury. He is the inventor of The X Brace, and has developed a treatment protocol for Sever's disease and heel pain that has helped thousands of gymnasts throughout the world. Dr. Eldridge brings practical, easy injury care and prevention that can be done at home.