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The Gymnast Care Book on Injuries

Information on gymnastics injuries can be difficult to find.

With thousands of hours spent in the gym, Dr. Joshua Eldridge has put his most common protocols for recovering from injury right here in the Gymnast Care Book on Injuries.

If your gymnast is injured, this is a priceless compilation of information designed to help you understand the injury and get the right solution started now.

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The Book on Injuries

Print Edition on Amazon

The Book on Injuries print edition is a beautiful print book with amazing pictures and the same great protocols designed to get your gymnast back in the gym healthier and stronger.

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 The Book on Injuries

Amazon Kindle Chapter Edition

The Book on Injuries, Video Edition is also available by chapter on the Amazon Kindle. If you’re only in need of one chapter at a time, this is the solution for you.

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I really love this info!

Kelli Erickson

First let me say - Thank you! As all gymnasts have injuries at some point, it is very useful to have the knowledge that you are sharing with us.

Barbara Chicca

I like that it is easy for the young ones to understand it when phrased that way. Every other way I've seein it written or said, it is over their comprehension level. It must be remembered that we are generally working with a younger age group, and I love that you've done that.

Ange Herrington

I really thought that this chapter was amazing. The descriptions were well thought out and I felt the pictures really enhanced the proper methods for performing the exercises and rehab stretches.

Angela Hendershot

The Complete Package

The Complete Package


The Complete Package is digitally delivered Book on Injuries Video Edition, plus our Quick Tip Sheet handouts designed to make it easy for your gymnasts to follow.