GC035: Dr. Dave Tilley and His New Book

Find Dr. Dave Tilley’s New Book By Clicking Here.

Welcome to The Gymnast Care Podcast Episode 35 with Dr. Dave Tilley as we discuss his new book and improving gymnastics performance.

Here’s some great tidbits from his book:

“Utilizing more parts of the body to spread out load theoretically helps to take excessive strain o of any one point. It also does not place all of the work load for creating and abosbing force on the lower back musculature. Utilizing more of the entire kinetic chain compared to relying on certain areas to do all the work is our goal. It’s a simple distinction – exaggerating the lower back extension vs. a “spread out” extension – but this same concept also leads to a very important point related to optimizing performance and power.”

Dave Tilley Back Injury Book

Shift Movement Educational Series

There’s a ton of great information in this book so make sure you check it out…Here’s the link again:

Shift Movement Science Education Series Book

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Dr. Joshua Eldridge

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Dr. Joshua Eldridge has specialized in protecting gymnasts from injury. He is the inventor of The X Brace, and has developed a treatment protocol for Sever’s disease and heel pain that has helped thousands of gymnasts throughout the world. Dr. Eldridge brings practical, easy injury care and prevention that can be done at home.