Gymnastics Revolution 2016

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Welcome to the Gymnastics Revolution 2016!

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We’re excited to bring you 2 locations this year, one on the East Coast and one in the Midwest. The first is May 22nd and 23rd and is brought to you by TumblTrak and is in their hometown! So you know not only are you going to get some great information from us, but some very cool previews from TumblTrak!

The second is right in the heart of the East Coast in Harleysville, PA and is a quick drive from all the big cities. This one is June 18th and 19th.

Check out our first promo video here…and there is more coming! This information is pure GOLD.

Protecting the Back

Recovering at Home

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Dr. Joshua Eldridge

About Dr. Joshua Eldridge

Dr. Joshua Eldridge has specialized in protecting gymnasts from injury. He is the inventor of The X Brace, and has developed a treatment protocol for Sever's disease and heel pain that has helped thousands of gymnasts throughout the world. Dr. Eldridge brings practical, easy injury care and prevention that can be done at home.