Hip Flexor and Back Pain Webinar

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Preventing Back Pain

Back Pain can be devastating for young athletes. In this webinar we discuss the best ways to protect the back, incredible therapy techniques, and the ultimate way to prevent injuries in the future.

Preventing back pain in gymnast is all about them controlling their bodies.

Teaching proper core strength, and helping our gymnast’s muscles recover from the intense amount of work they do in the gym are the key components to reducing back pain and serious back injuries.

The recorded webinar has approximately 30 minutes of information followed by 30 minutes of question answer time. If you have a question for the Gymnast Care Team and Dr. Josh please leave it in the comments below.

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Dr. Joshua Eldridge

About Dr. Joshua Eldridge

Dr. Joshua Eldridge has specialized in protecting gymnasts from injury. He is the inventor of The X Brace, and has developed a treatment protocol for Sever's disease and heel pain that has helped thousands of gymnasts throughout the world. Dr. Eldridge brings practical, easy injury care and prevention that can be done at home.