GC 012: Concussions in Gymnasts

Concussion in Gymnastics

Welcome back to another session of the Gymnast Care Podcasts.

Today we get into the care and treatment of concussions in gymnasts. Just like other sports, gymnastics has a high potential for gymnasts to experience concussions and other head injuries.

4th International Concussion Consensus

During the podcast, Dr. Joshua Eldridge got deep into the Consensus statement on concussion in sport: the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Zurich, November 2012 (Click here to download PDF)

We’ve also developed a specific return to play criteria for gymnasts and it can be found in the Gymnast Care Book on Injuries. Found out more here:

Gymnast Care Book on Injuries

Concussion Symptoms

Remember that concussions are emergencies and they should be treated as such. Make sure you make sure your gymnast is stable, then get them examined by a professional as soon as possible. Do not try to treat concussions on your own.

Symptoms of concussion in gymnasts

Emergency Symptoms

If your gymnast hits their head, and the following symptoms occur, go the E. R. immediately:

  • Have a headache that gets worse
  • Are very drowsy or can’t be awakened
  • Can’t recognize people or places
  • Have repeated vomiting
  • Behave unusually or seem confused
  • Very irritable
  • Have seizures (arms and legs jerk uncontrollably) Have weak or numb arms or legs
  • Are unsteady on their feet
  • Have slurred speech

Leave Your Story

Do you have a story where your young gymnast had a concussion injury in gymnastics that you want to share? Leave it in the comments below…We’d love to hear how you and your gymnast dealt with this difficult injury.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge

About Dr. Joshua Eldridge

Dr. Joshua Eldridge has specialized in protecting gymnasts from injury. He is the inventor of The X Brace, and has developed a treatment protocol for Sever's disease and heel pain that has helped thousands of gymnasts throughout the world. Dr. Eldridge brings practical, easy injury care and prevention that can be done at home.