GC028: 3 Reasons Games Can Be the Best Teachers

3 Reasons Games Can Be the Best Teachers

Welcome back to another Gymnast Care Podcast. Today we have a chat with none other than the Game Master, Michelle Kocan!

She has made teaching children through games an art and teaches the basic control that we espouse here at Gymnast Care. Landing, core control, and proper movement, all while young gymnasts have a great time!

So if you want to pick up some great information on how you can teach children amazing life skills by utilizing games, then this podcast is for you.

She is also giving away her Conditioning for Pre-school Gymnastics right here:

So Michelle wants you to have her games for gymnasts. There are two pdf files that are fairly large but you can find them by clicking on the picture of each one below.

Conditioning for Preschool Gymnasts

Around the GYM in 180 Games

Now that you have that great information, you might want to ask Michelle a question. You can leave a comment here in the comments below, or you can shoot her an email. michkocan@gmail.com

You can also check out Michelle’s past articles here at the Tumbl Trak Newsletter Archives.


Find out more about the Gymnast Care Revolution…Michelle had great things to say about this in her interview! Just click here, or on the picture below to go the the Gymnastics Revolution Page.


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See you next time on the Gymnast Care Podcast!

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